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  • Pizza

    Large Jimmies Pizza - BBQ Chicken, Supreme, Meat Lovers, or Hawaiian...

  • Kids Meal Pack
    Kids Meal Pack

    Jimmies 'Kids Meal Pack' - 3 Chicken Nuggets,Chips and PopTop or Cheese...

  • Chicken Rendang & Coconut Curry
    Chicken Rendang & Coconut Curry

    A Taste of Indonesia: Indonesian chicken rendang with coconut &...

  • Prawn Dumplings (3)
    Prawn Dumplings (3)

    3 steamed prawn dumplings with a soy, sesame and ginger dipping sauce

  • Lets Pork About It!
    Lets Pork About It!

    A generous serve of Asian noodles with sesame seed oil and soy sauce,...

  • The Drop Off
    The Drop Off

    Jimmies 'The Drop Off' - 4 Butterfish, 4 Calamari, 4 Crab Sticks, 4...

  • Chicken Value Pack
    Chicken Value Pack

    Jimmies Chicken Value Pack - 1 chook, chips and small gravy *Delivery to...

  • Malarus - Shiraz
    Malarus - Shiraz

    Malarus Shiraz 750ml

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